Curry Compendium Book by Richard Sayce

If we were to write our own book, then this would be it. Written by BIR curry expert, Richard Sayce of Misty Ricardo’s Curry Kitchen, this is the book you need if you want to recreate British Indian Restaurant style curries at home.

Richard has visited us several times and what he doesn’t know about BIR cooking isn’t worth knowing. Even with our 30 years plus experience we’d struggle to recreate such a masterpiece of well written recipes that are simple to follow but create great tasting dishes just like you’d find in an Indian restaurant.

  • A guide to the basics of BIR cooking, ingredients and equipment needed
  • 99 recipes fully detailed and explained, covering starters, mains, sides, rice, accompaniments, and traditional Indian & streetfood
  • Most recipes come with an associated YouTube recipe video available by scanning the recipe QR code

We can’t recommend this book enough, it’s a must have for any aspiring BIR cook.