Whole Aromatic Spices Bundle

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A range of whole aromatic spices used to infuse and flavour rice, curries and also sweet dishes. They can also be lightly roasted and ground to make a fresh spice mix.

Contains resealable pouches of the following spices:

  • Cassia Leaves (Tej Pata) 5g
  • Cassia Bark 40g
  • Fennel Seeds 80g
  • Green Cardamom 20g
  • Cumin Seeds 80g
A huge saving compared to buying the spices individually.


Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Whole Aromatic Spices Bundle

  1. Sarah M. (verified buyer)

  2. Andy B. (verified buyer)

  3. David Denholm (verified buyer)

  4. Tracey Hardwick (verified buyer)

    Much easier than me trying to remember what I need when at the shops

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